Frank Schrader

„It’s kind of amazing to be able to discover and experience the beauty of language.“

Frank Schrader.

In the beginning of my career I followed a path of economics. This was interesting for me, and I questioned and learned a lot; yet in the end, too many questions remained/ remain unanswered or not answered satisfactorily. That’s why I feel rather proud of the fact that I had the courage to follow my heart. My path led me eventually to languages – and I am also grateful, extremely grateful, that this actually became a viable path for me to pursue.

My ambition is to light the same spark I feel for my enjoyment, my passion for the English language and impart it to our students – with the hope that they too can impart the experiences they learned here into the wider world. WELCOME TO FAE.

“My, my, a body does get around” 

William Faulkner

1978–1980 Apprenticeship in banking studies
1980–1984 BA in Economics (Willamette University, USA)
1984–1985 International Department (First National Bank of Wisconsin, USA)
1985–1989 Master’s studies in American Studies and Sinology (Freie Universität Berlin, BRD)
1989–1992 Freelance Instructor (Chinese Culture University, Taiwan)
1990–1992 Freelance Instructor (Chinese Medical University, Taiwan)
since 1992 Owner/Director (Fachinstitut für Angewandtes Englisch, Germany)