Heather Marie Buchanan-Schrader

“I would like to be able to let people experience the same pleasure in learning the English language which I experienced when I learned German.”

Heather Buchanan-Schrader

I grew up in Alaska – pretty far from here, I know, and cold, but it’s also has breaktaking, untouched landscape. Still, even as a little girl I wanted to see the world and get to know other countries, cultures, and languages. I was especially interested in Germany, probably because my mom is from Germany and lived in Saxony until she was 22 years old – she even studied at the University of Leipzig – before her path led her via Switzerland to Alaska.

After taking a long detour, in which I lived and worked in Asia, I had the chance to visit Leipzig just after the fall of the Wall. I was immediately attracted to the energy of this city! My husband and I began to forge plans to use the teaching experience we had gathered in Taiwan to open our own language school. One and a half years later we were ready and opened our FAE Institute for Applied English in the spring of 1992.

I have never regretted this decision. I have two passions: languages and teaching. Working in my own language institute allows me to work according to my own ideals.

1980–1984 BA International Studies/German (Willamette University, USA)
1984–1988 Personal assistant, Family Connection, USA
1988–1989 Intense Chinese language course (Freie Universität Berlin, BRD)
1989–1992 Chinese language studies, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
1990 2nd Place, (16th Nationwide Mandarin Speech Contest, Taiwan)
1989–1992 Language Instructor (Taipei Language Institute, Taiwan)
since 1992 Owner/Instructor (Fachinstitut für Angewandtes Englisch, Germany)