Our Method

The moment you enter our language school in the Südvorstadt district of Leipzig, you will find yourself in a language environment in which English is spoken exclusively before, during, and after class.

You can learn a language best in small groups or one-one-one tutorials. At FAE you learn in a group with a maximum of six members. Thus, you can actively apply what you have learned immediately and achieve confidence in the language by participating in class. With the FAE method you achieve real fluency in the language. With a balanced combination of practical vocabulary training and focused grammar exercises in the context of directed speaking activities you will achieve your goal. 

Language course at FAE are taught by two instructors, alternating weekly. Why? In this way you will be listening to two native speakers of English. This automatically trains your listening comprehension and makes you ready for real-life situations in which you have to react spontaneously and speak English.

English for professional usage enjoys a particular focus at FAE. After all, English is required in business and technical jobs on an ever-increasing scale, and we feel obligated to assist our course members in finding and keeping good jobs.