Tutorials/One-on-One Instruction

You need English in the shortest time possible and for a concrete goal. Then one-on-one training at FAE is the right step for you.

Let’s say, you need English for a business trip to Birmingham or for a medical convention in Denver. Perhaps you would simply like to use the most intensive form of training in order to become fluent in English in the shortest time possible because you are planning to go abroad for some time.

With one-on-one instruction at FAE we can help you realize your most specific demands. In this program we train your individual language requirements for immediate application of specific goals. 

Your first step is a placement test and target-setting meeting in our language school in Leipzig. We will then create an individual course plan for you which will optimally match the curriculum and training intensity to your personal demands. 

Many of our participants combine one-on-one instruction with group courses. One-on-one instruction prepares students for concrete requirements, while group instruction promotes general fluency and allows them to profit from the dynamic of learning within a group.